Jollibee Chicken Joy Style Recipe

We have braved cold weather, long lines and risking empty seats just to take a bite of this quintessential Filipino fastfood fare that is known

Bicol Express Recipe

INGREDIENTS Minced garlic Minced onion Salt and pepper Coconut milk 3 Tbsp shrimp paste Siling espada/mahaba, sliced Pork belly, cut in cubes PROCEDURE 1. Heat

Pinoy Hotcake

It looks like the typical pancake served right out of McDonald’s breakfast menu but Filipinos call it more appropriately as “hotcakes” because they are best

How to Organize Your Fridge

When an individual organizes the fridge in his or her home it is best for him or her to use restaurant kitchens as exemples. This

Spare Ribs Soup and Pechay

This type of soup I cooked is ideally served for lunch or dinner; most especially during rainy season or cool places that makes your body

Egg and Tomatoes

We Filipinos normally eat a heavy breakfast. This is what I have experience ever since when I was a kid and until now. And this