Filipinos are sociable beings. And as such, we often engage our chit chats with drinks of various types, depending on occasion. We prepare lemonade for kids meriendas after they arrive from school. We party with friends over karaoke or birthday party with alcoholic beverages. Or plenty of softdrinks on tap for a house blessing, fiesta in the barrio or a refreshment after a scorching day on the road. The climate of the Philippines is distinguished by having relatively high temperature, high humidity and abundant rainfall. This is a reason why chilled drinks are well-liked and preferred by the masses.

Sweet and tasty mango shake.

Indeed, from kalamansi juice to fresh mango shake, and from branded ice-lemon tea to gin-pomelo tonic drink, you’ll find plenty of choices when you’re in the Philippines! Please check out our pages about Alcoholic Drinks, Chilled and Shakes, and Other Filipino Drinks.

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