Hi, My name is Babes and I manage the website Pinoy Cooking website, sort of — with the help of my husband.

Ever since I was a kid, I am fond of cooking, having learned the skills from my grandma and mother. I used to help prepare ingredients by chopping onions or cleaning prawns. Later on, I tried doing it myself, helping my mother manage her small carinderia in Davao City. I often prepare local delicacies like pancit, lumpia, dinuguan, pinakbet and other favorite dishes. I am also fond of preparing Filipino desserts like gulaman, ice candy, buko and fruit juices, an easy preparation since we live close to fruit trees and other sources of ingredients.

I moved to Hong Kong and learned to cook Chinese dishes. No wonder you’ll find that some of the recipes included in this website are from Chinese preparations. I do hope that you find these recipes useful in preparing for your next meals.

This website is organized into seven major cooking categories: Chicken, Beef & Pork, Vegetables, Desserts, Barbecue, Rice & Noodle and Seafood, as well as cooking tips and reminders for best results.

You’ll also find guides on Filipino food such as our cooking methods, what we usually serve during lunch or meaning of terms used in cooking instructions. What’s more, this website is organized so it is possible to find recipes based on ingredients like broccoli, pork belly or corn flour. You can use the search engine found on upper right part of every page if you’re looking for recipes, tips or ingredients. If you have questions, you can leave comments and I’ll try to respond to them as soon as I can.

Happy cooking, and remember to smile to bring out delicious menus!