Important Kitchen Tools and Gadgets

You may have imagined cooking your favorite dishes complete with ingredients but if you lack the necessary tools to mix and match them, the masterpiece suffers. This short introduction briefly but clearly describes the role of kitchen tools and gadgets, less heralded than the ingredients they mash, cut or grind. The truth is, without the combination of using proper tools and selecting only the freshest ingredients, the output is anything but perfect. While secret herbs and spices, proper measurement and perfect ingredients are often the highlight of a delicious menu, for a moment, let’s put the unsung heroes of the kitchen the spotlight they deserve.

A paring knife is used for peeling and deveining shrimps. It can also be used to for cutting or slicing small garnishes from vegetable to bread. The knife’s handle gives an extra control on both tip and edge of the blade.

Paring knife

A carving knife is type of knife with a straight edge. It is 8 to 15 inches long with thinner blades. It enables the cutting of meats from hams and roasts. A good quality carving knife costs $100 for a forged steel blade and high carbon materials.

A colander is an ideal way to strain all manner of foods, from pasta to steamed vegetables. Colanders come in a variety of styles and designs and are an indispensable tool in the kitchen.

A vegetable peeler is designed to peel off vegetables skins as well as fruit skins. It is made up of metal blades attached to a metal, wooden or plastic handle. This peeler comes in three varieties such as the Lancashire design, Y-peeler or speed peeler and the Dalson Classic Aussie Peele (rotating blades).

Measuring spoons are used to measure the exact amount of wet or dry ingredients. Spoons can be made of plastic or metal and comes in different sizes of small teaspoons and tablespoons.

A spatula has a long handle with a wide flat edge and is used for lifting fried foods as well as mixing or tossing foods. It comes in many varieties, from plastic to silicon-made products.

whisk also known as  balloon whisk is used in food preparation.  Whisks are commonly used to beat eggs and to whip creams and incorporate air into the mixture. It consists of wire loops with narrow handle.

A pair of tongs lift, transport, and turn. Whether stovetop or grill, tongs have become as common and useful as the spatula.


A grater is a tool used in grating foods into fine pieces like cheese, garlic,  coconuts and potatoes. Graters can be made up of plastic and metal with four sides grating options.

A can opener is a device used in cutting or opening metal cans consisting of a rotating cutting wheel and a serrated wheel

A kitchen funnel is a useful tool that has many uses. Funnels are a simple tool, but when cooking can easily help transfer liquids or powders from one place to another.

A measuring cup is a necessity in any kitchen when cooking or baking. There are two common styles of measuring cups, the individual set, and the larger marked pitcher style cup. Each has its own uses when cooking.

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