4 Ways to Organize Your Fridge

When an individual organizes the fridge in his or her home it is best for him or her to use restaurant kitchens as exemples. This is because they organize the refrigerator with food safety at the top of the priority list. The way they organize food is not on comfort or ease in access, but they organize fridge contents based on the temperature the foods need to be cooked at.

Things that need no cooking to be safe to eat are placed at the top most of the fridge. These include prepared foods and leftovers. Then, the rest of the contents are arranged in such a way that their temperature needed for it to be cooked.

The Upper Shelves

The Upper Shelves should contain leftovers, ready-to-eat foods, and drinks. Some of the foods and beverages that can be placed here include yogurt, cheeses, deli meats, and others.To prevent beverages from being thrown into the back most portion of the fridge, one strategy could be to throw out their original containers and place them in smaller glass jars. Place these glass jars in one corner of the fridge. This will allow uniformity in size and shape of the jar, allowing ease in organizing.

The Lower Shelves

The Lower Shelves should contain raw ingredients slated for cooked dishes.For instance, the chicken can be placed at the bottom of the fridge because it needs the highest temperature to be cooked. In this manner, any cross contamination that may occur would not pose a problem because the food contaminated has to be cooked at a higher temperature.


The Fridge Door

The door is the warmest area of the fridge. Therefore, only condiments should be placed in this location. Eggs or ilk should not be placed on the door because they need to be placed in colder places. Furthermore, taking time to come up with customized condiment jars to put together favorite dressings will keep the fridge in order. Invest in small glass condiment jars and label them. Pick their permanent shelf on the fridge and stick to it. This makes the condiments look better and are more accessible.

The Fridge Drawers

The drawers can be tricky because they are used to store fruits and vegetables. However, putting meat above them can contaminate the vegetables and fruits. If the fridge has two drawers, use one for fruits and vegetables and the other for meat. If one drawer is above the other, use the one at the bottom for the meat.

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