Chicken Feet Soup With Papaya, Carrots and Dried Longan

Winter in Hong Kong may not be cold but its chilly weather condition makes one wish there is a soup dish available in the table during dinner time. Chinese people themselves like to have soup dishes no matter what the weather is.

Chicken feet to some may not be appealing, but when properly washed and mixed with appropriate ingredients can be an appetizing item on the table.

6 pcs chicken feet
300 grams pork bones
1 medium sized papaya
sliced ginger
few pieces of dried longans
1 pc big carrot

Salt and sugar

1. Wash the chicken feet and cut the nail. Scald with sliced ginger in hot water and drain.

2. Blanch the pork bones and drain.

3. Peel off the papaya skin and discard the seed. Cut it into big cubes.

4. Boil water in the pot and place all ingredients. Lower the temperature and boil it for around one hour.

5. Season with sugar and salt to taste.

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